Dizzy Heights #59: A Touch of Tuesday Weld – ‘New’ Songs

New World Man takes his New Girl Now, dolled up in a New Dress, for a ride in a Brand New Cadillac. Aaaaaand that’s the show, simple as that. Songs or artists with the word ‘New’ in the title. I’m not deep.

Most of these shows are pretty easy to put together. This one was like herding cats. A couple song blocks put themselves together, but the others? Chaos. Did I really put the ‘90s ska band next to The Only Band That Matters? Yes. Yes, I did.

There were 10 other songs that were in the mix at some point, and later jettisoned. Like I said, this was an unruly show, but ultimately I think it turned out all right. Individual results, though, may vary.

There are seven artists making their debut this week, but I kinda don’t want to tell you who they are. It would spoil the fun in a big, big way.

Thank you, as always, for listening.

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Dizzy Heights #58: Contemplating a Crime – Animals, Vol. I

Fans of classic alternative will (hopefully) find lots to love here, though I do play a couple of songs from the last decade, so this isn’t purely a First Wave lovefest. It’s close, but nothing like Show #57 was.

Honestly, this was one of those show ideas where I just stopped writing song ideas down because I already had so many. I even left out Bowie. BOWIE, PEOPLE.

 The artists making their Dizzy Heights debuts in this show, frankly. Shock me. How on earth have I not played Elastica, or Sweet, or Los Straitjackets, The Pixies (THE PIXIES, PEOPLE), The Blow Monkeys, Don Dixon, Glass Tiger, The Polecats, The Bird and the Bee, or Tame Impala before now? The mind boggles.

Next up: a New show. And yes, the capital N is a clue.

Thank you, as always, for listening.

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