Amy reviews “Trolls”!

trolls Amy was so taken by the movie “Trolls” that she asked me if I would run her review of the film if she wrote one. I said sure, half thinking that she would start a review, but then never get around to finishing it (and as you can see, it took her a month to finish it. I figure the lesson about meeting your deadlines can wait until she’s 8.) So here it is, my 7-year-old daughter’s first movie review (with spelling and grammar cleaned up by dear old Dad), which she penned a full 18 years before I wrote my first one. The girl is driven.

This is my new favorite movie. Probably because every single new movie is my new favorite movie. I personally, out of all the movies I’ve seen (one hundred is my guess), this one is different. Kids don’t lie. (Wink wink.) Or at least I don’t. Anyway, let’s get to the review.

It’s about Princess Poppy throwing the BIGGEST, LOUDEST, CRAZIEST PARTY EVER! While singing, her plan gets messed up. A Bergen found them. (So, not in a good way.) So she asks Branch to help. He says no. Then she says, ‘’Hey, can I borrow your bunker?” Then all trolls came in. She started leaving but stopped. And counted 3, 2, 1. Bing! Everyone’s hug time watches went off. Princess Poppy set off. She sang, danced, and…got attacked by giant spiders. Branch saved her! But she knew he couldn’t last a third hug time. So they met a cloud…who Branch tried to kill. Finally they got to see their friends. Locked in a cage anyway. That’s technically the middle. That’s what the middle is about.

I love the cast, too. Anna Kendrick is Princess Poppy. Justin Timberlake is Branch. I have literally no idea who the others are. I don’t care, anyway. [Editor’s note: That’s not nice, sweet pea.] I love the music. If know the one I’m thinking about, it makes total sense. [Ed. Note: I have no idea which song she’s referring to here. My guess is it’s either Justin Timberlake or Junior Senior.]

I would give it 15 stars if I could. But they kinda made the movie “Bergenella,” with a scullery maid and a roller skate. Pizza, too. Yep, that’s Bergen town.

But they spoiled the ending in the trailer and the book! I read it.

PLEASE get it to number 1 on the box office list.


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
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