Dizzy Heights #83: Closers

Featuring The Replacements, The Cars, The Clash, Aimee Mann, and more.

A friend of mine came to me with an idea: what if you did a show that was nothing but killer opening tracks? And that’s a good idea, but there are LOTS of albums with killer opening tracks. What is in much shorter supply are albums with killer closing tracks. Even some of my all-time favorite albums have less-than-ideal swan songs. I mean, they’re fine, but no one is putting on Steve McQueen and skipping to “When the Angels,” you know?

So this is my tribute to albums that knew how to close. The hardest part, honestly, was figuring out how to open a show with nothing but closing numbers. It feels wrong for anything to follow these songs, but here we are.

No debuts this week. I guess that will happen 1,800 songs into a show.

Thank you, as always, for listening.

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